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Golden Dough Foods is the manufacturer and product developer behind the number one extended shelf life  (ESL) yeast raised donut in the conventional and Hispanic packaged sweet goods category!

What could be more joyous than when your taste buds are experiencing mouthfuls of unbelievably flavorful, light, airy and never greasy fried dough drizzled with just the right amount of glaze!

Donuts aren’t exactly a new invention and Golden Dough & Co didn’t reinvent the wheel… we innovated on the familiar by delivering that fresh-from-the-bakery experience in an on-the-go individually wrapped package!

It’s safe to say that donuts will remain a sweet staple as long as mankind continues to roam this planet and Golden Dough & Co is setting the new Gold standard in packaged pastries.

Golden Dough
La Panaderia Dulce

La Panadería Dulce está enfocada en rendir homenaje a todas esas recetas de nuestras abuelas y así recrear esos sabores que nos transportan a nuestra infancia.  Quizás no sea posible replicar las recetas exactas de abuela, pero prometemos no desilusionarlos.

La Panadería Dulce (The Sweets Bakery)  is focused on paying homage to all of your grandmas recipes and allow your taste buds to experience those childhood flavors that spark so many memories.

Replicating grandmas exact recipes may not be possible, but we promise to not disappoint.

golden dough foods Single Serve Donut



We love sweet goods at Golden Dough Foods. More so than that we love working closely with our wholesale and retail partners to deliver excellent in-store execution and category growth while sharing  moments of happiness, with your customers, in this busy world through our premium packaged offerings. At Golden Dough Foods we understand what it means to be a true partner and will collaborate in executing promotional activity and secondary placements to drive trial, awareness and most importantly repeat purchase. Whether your customer is dashboard dining on-the-go, OR enjoying our sweet treats at home, we aim to deliver a fresh-from-the-bakery experience in each individually wrapped sweet treat offering.

At our core Golden Dough Foods is committed to continuously delivering differentiated new flavors and offerings, underpinned by key consumer trends and strong consumer insights, keeping things fresh for both you, our parters, and your customer.


Aim higher – we’re determined to be the premier packaged sweet goods brand cross channel, consistently delivering premium and differentiated flavor forward pastries.

Champion new ideas – consistently ideate and collaborate in bringing innovations on the familiar to the packaged sweet goods category. 

Remain agile – regardless of scale we will act with pace. This is at the core of our entrepreneurial spirit.

We are a team – we will achieve more internally and externally, together. As the overused proverb goes there is no “I” in team… and while there is a “me”, thank you Kobe Bryant for famously pointing that out, we believe and live WE.


Our purpose is simple – partner and deliver category growth through our premium & differentiated packaged sweet goods offerings. This purpose reminds us daily what we’re here to do in order become a  leading packaged sweet goods brand.


We live our values and we are a team. We encourage our partners to share ideas with us and voice ways that we can be better partners.


Our manufacturing partners work around the clock to deliver the best quality products in a safe and industry leading manner. 100% of our offerings are sourced and manufactured in the USA. Domestically this helps us keep our supply chain lead times short and brings quality we trust supported by a stringent system of QA & QC protocols.


Be responsible, accountable, and consistent. It’s that simple. If we can deliver on those three principles, we believe that we can create, sustain, and strengthen not only our internal operations and capabilities, but our external partnerships with suppliers, wholesalers and retailers. Our commitment to you is to deliver long-term sustainable growth and gain the trust of our shared customer.